Holding on to the open vision that God gave to me through a worship leader at church:

There are some of you who are like a hiker at the top of the mountain. There is a storm coming, but do not let your eyes be districted by the oncoming storm and worry what will happen. Instead, keep your gaze transfixed on Jesus so that you do not miss out on your mountaintop experience.

No wonder it didn’t feel like a valley-low period of time for me though I’ve been seemingly hit by something major in my life. The fact is that it is not. Just look at the incredible amount of favour I have been receiving! I cannot even comprehend it anymore.

Yet at the same time, there are nasty areas in my life that have come into my attention through people who love me enough to gently rebuke my ways and correct me (e.g. PJ). And the masses that these tips of the iceberg uncover are so huge and so deep I cannot overcome them on my own. I need my Saviour.

In these deepest moments of fragility, I taste and see the depths and sweetness of God’s grace. I cannot fathom how God has been loving me and pouring forth His grace and mercy boundless as the seas, over and over, over and over, abundantly, as much as I have need. His kindness leads me to repentance.

What next after repentance? The practical steps to actively change from my old ways of thoughts and actions remain as a challenge. Just as the challenge of scaling a mountain is incrementally steeper, every step of progress is going to take even more intention, determination, and a lot more of surrender to the Holy Spirit to conquer.


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