Sea of Galilee

In my opinion, my parents are very good role models in many areas. 

During this trip, their generosity has been most apparent to me. They are generous in love. They lavish their love with their giving. They serve, wherever they go, with strength, with financial resources. They lead, with vision, with motivation, with service. They connect, with conversation, with affability, with kindness and discernment. 

I watched them as they battled to foot dining bills out of their desire to bless our family. I watched them as they showed concern for family, as they asked questions, and listened intently. They worry, for they know not how to pray (yet). They bring joy, delight, laughter and humour. They add value to every occasion. 

I watched them as they persisted in convincing and assuring a sick friend to travel with us on a road trip to Penang, and how they continually looked out for her. I watched them as they bore with different (noisier & naggier) mannerisms and ways by keeping their eyes on the purpose to which they had been called. 

I watched them as they connected with people, new found stranger friends, with a genuinity and hospitality that you wonder who’s the real host. They even went to the extent of thinking of them while buying Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls, buying extra portions simply to bless. 

I also watched how my parents love each other. Looking out for each other, dancing around each other, resolving problems, and advancing together as one.  

I experienced my parents’ love for my sister and myself. They give, they spend, they empower, they allow us freedom. The truth is, we are not perfect people and i had a few tension moments with both of them separately, but who loves and doesn’t experience tension at some points? 

Not yet in Christ, they exhibit great love. And i thought, since God is love (1 John 4:8), and God lives in those who love (1 John 4:16), then surely the glory must be His that my parents love.  

I’m so grateful for this set of family that I’ve been born to, and i pray that as i continue to live and grow, i will be as generous as them, and be a Sea of Galilee to whomever, and whenever, and also that salvation will come to their hearts soon. 

In Your time, Your good good time, these shall all come to pass. Please continue to lead me and purify me. Thank You Jesus for everything, amen. 


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