Object of engagement

 Today i brought my guitar with me to my lifegroup picnic at Marina Barrage. Along the way, i had two engagement encounters. 

  1. On the crowded train i found a seat next to a family with a young girl. She warmed up to me really quickly with her cheerful disposition. Chatted with her mum a little. Then, her curious fingers touched the tip of my guitar bag, exploring. Sensing her interest, i opened the bag a little to expose her to the glistening knobs and strings and even plucked some strings to let her hear the sound. Her mother exclaimed, you’re only 1-year-old! Haha. I proclaimed over her that when she grows up she will make music with her guitar, and she can start with a toy guitar! 
  2. While pressing the button for the traffic light, an angmoh came up to me and asked if i play the guitar. And he shared he hasn’t seen any Singaporeans who do! I told him he has been searching all the wrong places; there are plenty in church! Haha. When Shuyan and Tzeyu came over and join me/save me, we continued sharing how Singaporeans, like Hong Kongers, have little time for leisure unlike in cities like Bangkok. 

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