Persevering for glory

Today i brought kids out for the first time on my own initiative. It stemmed from a heart that wanted to bless the children i’m in contact with, understanding how they are underprivileged in terms of parenting and mentoring. I’m grateful that the good Lord has directed my steps once more, teaching me to connect with various leaders/mentors in hopekids and ablaze ministries who can be part of something pivotal for the kids’ development and transformation.

C was under my tutelage for 1.5 years while preparing for her national exam last year, and A is her brother who is in primary 1. D is a girl i know from the tuition with love programme which i was a part of previously. I’d bumped into her popo and her on the way home from church yesterday, so i took the opportunity to invite her to the outing.

At this point, i needed more help, so i asked J, a brother in my pastoral unit who is a p1 leader. Thank God for his kingdom-mindedness to shift his plans around to accommodate the outing! A, his girlfriend (also a kids leader), came along too! I am truly blessed by their giving of time, presence, and love.

All of us enjoying a simple ice-cream treat from McDonald’s!
The kids enjoyed themselves at the Imaginarium at SAM@8Q!

At the end of the day, i am so beat, and even more aware of how much more mentorship each individual child needs in order that they may level up to a brand new place of growth and transformation. Yet, i sense the Lord’s delight over the little which i started today. The children had fun, and that’s all that matters. For today.

I’ve been reading Captivating and learning how Jesus is my ultimate Romancer, and how no one can love me like He does. The good good Father knows me. So here, “I love you,” He says, with some amazing paintstrokes on the evening sky.

A foretaste of my reward in Heaven!

I’ll persevere on, following Your lead, as You will, as my meek response of “I love you too”.


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