A chameleon and its identity

Lately I’ve been thinking often of my identity and what I’ve been called to do in every circumstance and position of influence (which is everywhere). Being versatile and able to respond to various situations quickly, I am often faced with identity issues. Who am I really? Why do I behave a certain way at a certain time and place, yet another at a different time?

The behavior of a chameleon came into mind. It blends in perfectly with its surroundings, it doesn’t stand out, it goes unnoticed, it is ordinary, it changes! What is its true identity then? Is it when it’s roaming in the bushes and it is green? Is it when it’s climbing a tree and it’s  brown? 

No, its identity is constant, it never changes, and it’s in the very fact that it changes. I wonder why God designed chameleons. What was His purpose for doing so? I also muse that designers are chameleons as well, but that’s for another time maybe. 

I could write a children’s book about chameleons and identity crises/security. I’ve a feeling that someone had already done it though! Maybe I’ve read it before…


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