Circles of dark around my eyes

At the end of the day, I am grateful that I’ve gone through the entire year of thesis together with my best friend, Jesus. It was just another adventure with Him, not the monster/idol that some peers make it out to be. 

Having said that, I’ve to acknowledge all its challenges and pains. Design is a faith journey, yes indeed. There were dark times of doubt, especially when I was tired and couldn’t think straight. I never knew I was capable of doubting so many things. Doubting my decisions, my abilities, my work, etc. but where there is doubt, Faith dies. Ok I’m not really sure if what I’m writing right now makes sense? After all, I am one who hasn’t slept properly for a month there about. Really thanks and praise be unto God for His sustenance and providence. When I forsook Him, He never did. He knew better. 

Also, I’m glad I didn’t give up on ministry even in tough times. In fact, I pushed myself to it even more. For sheer fact that it demands my faith in God with regards to my time. And also that I love to see God show up in little ones’ lives. God is proud of me in this too, I’m proud to say. Thank You Daddy, for taking good care of me. You made a way every single time I thought there was no way. Youarereally good all the time. 

I’m the best designer that I could ever be right now after these four years of training. And it came at a cost. Physical haggardness, perceived weight loss, and zzz. I really think I don’t really make sense anymore? 

I pray that tonight I’ll be rested and recharged and I’ll do a good job tomorrow for my final presentation in Christ. 


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