March’s much

March’s been such a busy month of learning, of renewed visions, of freedom.

It’s a challenge to write this monthly thanksgiving entry this month, without images curated by my personal Instagram visual journal. I’m still on my sort-of fast from social media, though I’ve faltered and wandered a couple of times. Just been back a while for a peek; and nope, I don’t really miss scrolling other people’s lives. I miss certain people’s updates though. Those whom you are kinda close to, but not that close enough to be chatting all the time, and have interesting thoughts in images, I miss the most.

Days that go by as per usual are not spectacular but are as significant and are most often forgotten. I find myself relying on my calendar for a recap of the events that happened, and they are the ones I remember better, maybe just for the fact that they are different days. But… every day is different.

1 March: visited Pris’ gramps after Hopekids service / 4 March: prayer room with LG and ty / 5 March: ONETWOSIX by The Finger Players with Joseph / 6 March: Class Investiture / 11 March: UL meeting with Pastor Jeff / 12 March, 13 March: Bill Wilson & Mark Griffiths children leaders’ retreat and training / 14 March: NUS Open Day, family dinner / 20 March: Calling Conference by Cathie and Brendon Clancy / 23 March: LKY passed away / 24 March: final interim crit 3 / 27 March: corporate prayer meeting / 29 March: stay over at ty’s

And then some other days I remember by to-do lists, and accomplishments.

Makes me wonder, how should I be living my days?

Instead of the disjointed life categorised by the spikes of events, I wish I could get over this conditioned internal clock marked by events. Maybe it’s natural and characteristic of mankind, but I hope more to live the ebbs and flows of the Spirit.


more is on the way. this last lap of thesis is insanely out of my comfort zone. but,

By You I can run against a troop, by my God I can scale a wall. (Psalm 18:29)

I will learn this lesson in this season, and I shall learn of Your glorious provision, how to work unto You with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, and delight over knowing that You take delight in me, no matter. No matter.

Thank You Jesus.


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