God’s love

God’s love manifests.

It’s like the tribe leader
of the mountainous ranges
who said to the lady who
has his heart,
“Do not cry; your tears
are like gold to me.
It’s not worth it for
a man like him.”
(He sounded macho
when he said it in
Mandarin, in a TV drama.)

Truth: You have kept count
of my tossings; put my tears
in your bottle. Are they not
in your book? (Psalm 56:8)

It shows up in the form of
a woman, a mother, a leader,
a sister, a friend, a lover.
It says, I love you.
I support you. I understand.
It must not be easy. But
I believe in you.

God’s love makes me cry.
But it’s tears of resonance.
Of knowing that someone cares
enough, and she understands.
Such tears bring healing,
and soothe my brittle bones.

God’s love. I could not
live without. I love you


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