deeper waters, stronger faith

<< (rewind)
Two days ago, on Wednesday morning, two hours before my final thesis presentation for the semester, I was still not done. Every ounce of sleepiness and anxiety worked against me in collaboration with time. I was starting to be fearful. But the Holy Spirit nudged in me a line from my anthem for this season (Oceans by Hillsong United):

You’ve never failed, and You won’t start now

And then He brought me to all the times this semester when I had thought that I was going to drown/die for sure, and yet He always turned it around and made all things right. Every single time, in every single thing, no matter how small, He took care of it for me. He never failed, and He won’t start now.

I thanked the Lord and continued to prepare my work by simply persisting in presence. I needed my direct bus 33 to bring me to school so I could have a little more time on the journey to work. He provided me a bus, a seat, a smooth journey, no traffic jam. And He also provided me with inspiration. Thank God for Twitter where I had posted a quote that inspired me a while back which fits my thesis more appropriately than Charles Eames, no matter how wise. God helped me link things up, and He gave me wisdom and insight to answer the questions from the professors.

So, everything went well. And again He proved Himself that He is faithful and constant and always provides. Never failing, never. All glory to You, Father. Hallelujah.


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