Fluid seasons

I followed Angela on Instagram, and was following her little life as presented on the web, and I couldn’t help feeling a little envious of her love story. And then I thought about some other couples around me whose relationships inspire me, and I can’t help but wonder (again) when my turn would come.

Is it at a certain age? Nope. Is it when…? Is it…? Would it be…?

There are no answers. There is no one. I only have to wait. And continue loving on my God with my pure heart, until He directs the next step.

Well, I know I have assignments on hand from Him. Since there is no one to share the assignments with for now, I will do them with one heart and one mind for God, trusting that this is an individual assignment as ordained by Abba Daddy. When it’s time for a pair assignment, He will announce, and He will divinely assign partners who will be effective for Him.


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