there are some moments in life that i cannot express adequately through pictures or words.

tonight we were at tzeyu’s granny’s wake altogether—viki, meijun and i. it was a good time, despite the somber occasion that it truly was. viki had left her phone behind with another friend carelessly, and so we all were ‘away’ from our phones together. it was then all back to the basic unit of interpersonal communication: sharing stories, lives, and presence.

there were pockets of time when i felt a tad left out, the distance between them in the Netherlands and i in Singapore amplified. but i reminded myself that i had already known they’ll come back different; how can one not change/grow in half a year? it was thus a time of acceptance and alignment, and a conscious effort to listen and learn more about them.

we are all different in such coherent ways; when we come together, we form a complete picture. haha. it’s nice this time we had with each other, apart from the endless work that we have on hand individually.

i pray we will cherish these times and be true friends for life.


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