moments of gratitude
like blankets that cover
on silent nights
with melodies of machines,
daily life, and muses.

ideas flow
out of shower heads;
those inspired, they stick
like duct tape
until it’s time
for the next step
of action:

print thesis report
with the system
i invent;
start up studio/
atelier with tzeyu—
litile, with a cross
between two “i” for individual;
finish up littlexplorers
and get it out into
the app store.

you fall in love
with a person, not
his works.
admiration of works,
love of a being, and
all the imperfections
that come with him.

God loves us
our most private beings
most intimately.
that’s why He is Love.
only He can take on all
the imperfections and failings
of us, and still, in spite of,
love us the same.

there are some relationships
that i will label “beautiful”.
they are the ones i see
God’s hand in, bringing
two individuals closer, and
closer, and sprouting,
growing, blossoming.
dry seasons come,
pruning happens,
beings, like tools,
sharpened. beauty
emerges, closer
closer. be still
and wait.


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