falling asleep in the office because the calming tea (Marks & Spencer, gifted by Sherry for my birthday) from last night hasn’t worn off, and it’s raining heavily; all the very reasons why i should be snuggling in bed right now.

also i am procrastinating thinking about how to edit the 3D file that i’m working on right now. it’s too difficult and messy for my head and fingers to grab hold off. yes, got an idea how i should do it, but… the working of it would be messy 😦

i’ll get back to it in just a while…

yesterday i met tzeyu up for follow-up/first shepherding. we are now each other’s first friend on the youversion bible app. hahaha great tool for tracking our progress and readings in the bible.

next challenge would be connecting to a community. i pray for greater revelation of who You are in her life, speak forth clearly and plainly to her!


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