Supernatural Providence

This morning I left house for work early because Zhimin was heading to school too for her Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony. We walked through the train into the train cabin connector, and just barely settled before Priscilla walked up to us to say hi. She was on her way to work too.

While chatting, she commented that I’ll be receiving my pay soon since I end work this week and start school next week. I remarked that I am considering to buy a camera with the pay. Then, the magic happened. Priscilla asked me if I’d like to use hers. She bought it for documenting her work last year and does not need it in the coming year.

I stand amazed. I mean, God, Abba Father, You know me through and through. You know I need a camera, and yet You taught me how to wait on You, and not pine for what I do not have. You will provide, and indeed You have provided. Thank You Father.

/edit (after seeing my last instagram post on 3rd August)


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