in the midst of giants

today i had the amazing privilege of learning by osmosis from the powerful duo of Hans and Clement. when big brains of different strengths come together (plus the holy presence that indwells each of us believers), it’s a formidable force.

i’m lacking in many ways, and am inexperienced in many things (so many things are fresh to me), and i am just thankful to have a safe launching platform through this internship where i am welcomed to just try, take detours, make mistakes, and learn.

thank You Daddy, for bringing me here. You place the desires in my heart, and You know the reasons why it pumps with passionate joy. You bring the right people, and with each person the right skills and know-hows, together for the right things. You hold the whole world in Your hands; and i’m thankful for this opportunity to learn from humble brothers who love You and happen to be designers, partaking in the joys of creating with Your faithful and loving guidance, mercy, grace and favour.

i want to love You more through the work of my hands. continue to strengthen me to work unto You my Lord, not for man. in Jesus’ name, amen


while in Clement’s office, gleaning from his thought/logic processes and understanding his workflow in grasshopper, i suddenly recalled the prophetic word that a random sister had for me while praying for me a few months back at church. she saw me standing on a chair previously, and then now standing on a table. of increasing influence so that His light can shine forth further. don’t understand it fully just yet as i am in the midst of it, but i can certainly see bits and pieces of it falling in place. to the glory and honour of God.

show us Your glory / give me eyes to see Your radiance and Your majesty / worthy is the Lamb (Antioch Live)


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