come what May

The Lord is good; exceedingly and abundantly.

The month of May has gone by in a flash, with the main events being the academic trip to Taiwan (7/5 – 11/5 : Asian Smart Living International School 2014: Co-creating Innovative Experiences in Sustainable Agriculture), ACTS conference (24/5 – 25/5) and the short-term missions trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia (27/5 – 5/6 : #REAPforJesus).

The exciting thing about being a Christian is that I live in the Presence of God every single moment, and this makes the entire difference in making my one life count. All the amazing experiences I’ve had remain just as events if not for God who is using all these things to shape my character and my faith. Truly Jesus is the Author and the Perfecter of my living faith.

In Taiwan, I experienced God’s miraculous physical healing in my back without anyone praying over me. It was great evidence for me that God indeed loves me enough to hear me when I call on Jesus’ name. I also got a foretaste of what post-graduate study programs entail through the international friends that I made during the workshop. It was nice getting to know people who are older than I am, hearing about their research and learning their worldview and experiences.

I had the opportunity to just share a little about my Christian faith with a Taiwanese girl, not knowing how God would use it for His own glory. Never would I have expected that one night during dinner (I’m not sure how the conversation started) she would reveal to the rest of the group that I am a Christian, and so I gave thanks for the food for all my team mates at the dinner table.

On the last day of the workshop, I also realised that the owner of the Friendly Life Shop that my team was involved in designing for is a sister in Christ! That was an amazing revelation! It explained my draw towards the place and the people (I had told her earlier that I would love to return to visit/help out again, and asked for accommodation should I really go!) and showed me the sovereignty of God! I was placed ‘randomly’ into that team, and God used it to lead me to His own people. I am not sure what further action might be required of me from this experience (maybe pioneering an agricultural life group? maybe studying/working in Taiwan?) but it was very cool!

On the last day, God gave me strength and sustained me as I carried two hand-carry duffels additional to my backpack when I made my way to the airport on my own. It didn’t help the situation when it started pouring while walking to the bus station, adding an umbrella to manage to the above burdens. But God helped me. He closed the children’s book store that I had wanted to visit for a staff retreat, and quenched the desires to shop around in the area, thus allowing me more time (which I needed!) to get to the airport on time.

Through the ACTS conference, God revealed to me a lot more about Himself, and how He can use anyone indeed to manifest His power as long as we are willing! After serving in session 2 of the kids conference, I stayed back and was praying over Daniel who was stirring in his nap. Sensing that he was dreaming or seeing a vision, I started interceding. A short while after, I turned around and found Daniel’s mummy just outside the tent which we were in. I shared with her all that God has spoken to me regarding Daniel previously, and encouraged her to see Daniel as God sees him, and to ask God for His vision for him. The words that God spoke to her through me were very moving. Later when Daniel awoke, I asked him if he dreamed. (Prior to this, Hannah Thang had shared with me that children do see angels and I have to believe them should they be able to give greater detail.) He said “yes”. Did you see angels in your dream? “Yes.” Was it a boy or a girl? “Boy.” What colour is the angel? “Red.” Wow, your boy angel has red wings! Both Daniel’s mummy and myself were in awe of God and were very encouraged. She then told him that he is one of the two guardian angels that is protecting him. :’)

After this, I left them and went to Joseph who had asked me to pray for him. I think God answered his prayers through the following night session with Daniel Kolenda; haven’t had opportunity to find out from him though. What happened after this was amazing. I went out of the Indoor Stadium, making my way to the main tent where most of the kids ministry leaders were to eat with them. I stopped short in awe of the beautiful evening sky with the beautiful wispy clouds. With my packet of dinner in my hand, I saw a lady sitting on the ledge facing the beautiful view having her dinner alone, so I sat down a distance away from her, established eye contact, smiled, and had my meal. Later on, I obeyed the Holy Spirit’s prompting to chat with her so I did. It was nice to talk with someone new; refreshing, instead of the usual ‘hang around with your lg/unit’ kind of deal in the past conferences when I was still with youth/uni ministry. I asked her how I could pray for her, and so I prayed with her in Jesus’ name for her throat’s healing that was caused by gastric reflux, and also for her father-in-law’s healing the following day when he would attend the healing rally.

The next day, we happened to sit at the same section at night. Just as she was leaving the conference, I caught up with her and found out that her father-in-law has received salvation and her throat/vocal cord has been healed!!! HALLELUJAH! We were both so happy that we jumped around and screamed and praised the Lord! God is really so very good. All these right time, right place arrangements could only be His work and glory.

KAIROS: The #REAPforJesus trip was in fact like a workshop for the team to exercise our faith and put what we had learnt into practice. We went without knowing the details, without an itinerary, but with God’s presence every step of the way. He showed up BIG TIME, and we are all blown away.

On day 0, while listening to Fhonkie, the YWAM missionary who orientated us a little and briefed us, who obeyed God’s call and came to Siem Reap 13 years ago with his wife and a 6-month old daughter, realising at the supermarket that he only had $50 in his wallet, yet God made a way (!), I knew that God was confirming what He had spoken to be during Daniel Kolenda’s night session a few days earlier about not allowing my debts to stand in the way of answering His call for my life. He wants me to obey Him and step out into the missions field after graduation to be a “mother to the motherless”. That is also another amazing thing about this first missions trip of mine: we were to be ministering at an orphanage.

Connect those dots.

(to be continued / I should go to bed)


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