I am a programme planner. I plan the church’s children programme and prepare the service guide weekly so that the three-year-olds can be ministered weekly. 

The role forces me to think ahead, which is not my natural strength. I am a day dreamer, and I tend to procrastinate wildly before I get work done. (I have procrastinated before, and it did no one any good: it pulled the team down, rather than elevate it to fresh levels every single week.) The role also keeps me on the ball. The end of a service session is the start of the preparation for the next. And the role makes me think in weeks, and with it, the realisation that time passes by real quick.

Today is the last Sunday of February. Yeah, already. The start of this year has been full of so many changes and events—New Year, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and weaving through all these events, my classmates have been flying off, a few at a time, to embark on their journeys of education and learning in other parts of the world. With so many things happening, and also coping with the loneliness in school, the pressure of being the senior in group projects, etc, you don’t realise how fast time is zooming by, until you take time to stop and reflect. 

Yet, I am already in March. Already thinking about the service guides for the new module that nicely fits into the March calendar which has 5 Sundays this year.

Being a creative and a leader and a daughter of the Most High who has my plates all full, many times I am out of sync. 

It is difficult. 

I pray that as I continue to grow in all aspects of my life and my abilities to handle all that You have me to do, I will seek all the more to be in sync with You. Let the seasons that is powered by Your heartbeat be clear to me, so that I may be in sync with You, and only You. 

“I desire to do your will, my God;
    your law is within my heart.”


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