the state of being satisfied

Lately I’ve been learning how to live as an individual, without need for any other person’s company, without need for any words, without need for any compliments or encouragement. I do what I want to do, and be happy joyful at peace, in joy, while at it.

I can feel it when my soul is fed. And it is content.

I am happy being me. I still have many doubts about what the future (even the ones that loom nearer than others) holds. I still have many things to do and juggle. But I am happy just exploring this part of Life that I have the opportunity to, I am content experiencing the things I go about experiencing and thinking and journalling in various mediums.

I am happy being in Singapore. My friends are going to travel and see the world and gain experiences that I’d never, but I am content. I want to experience Singapore like never before, and see things that only I can do as a single entity in this wide cosmos.

I am happy being single. This freedom I am feeling in my heart is unprecedented. Never before have I enjoyed being alone as I do now, doing the things as I feel like. It seems right that now in my single hood for me to just experience all the myriads of experiences and lessons that the life has to offer me so that I’ll be full, and then

when the time is right, another man who is full will come and be united with me as one, and then with all that I’ve seen and all that I’ve heard and all that I’ve experienced will collide with his as one common resource, and we’ll send fireworks in the night sky, lighting up areas that have been dark, being the light for those in darkness to see. We’ll be dynamic. We’ll be un-boxed, un-chained, because as singles, we were not bound.


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