prayer + opportunity -> providence

many opportunities came knocking today. a little too many.
accepted the first from Hans to be his assistant at a 3-day workshop he is running at SP. am excited to learn from this man of God in design and more.

Kally asked me if i’m interested to be part of the MINUS team. this one i will wait and see. i’m not sure if i’m able to commit long term. i highly doubt so. i’ll wait a few more days to mull and pray over it.

i’m waiting too, for Dr. Christian to confirm if i am part of the cross-borders project with the french school. if that is fixed, i will not take the above offer. i won’t have time.

oh ya, and i am considering too, to take Bahasa Indonesia level 2 next sem. i’ll receive a certificate to prove my proficiency at least in conversation if i complete the next module.


spoke to people about the strengthening of RV community. am thrilled that i had brought it up just before ABLAZE camp. it didn’t even occur to me! God is up to something, i’m sure. i’ll meet up with the key people after the camp to discuss, pray and plan more substantially! following His lead, because this wouldn’t be yet another programme, but it concerns a spiritual legacy. it matters to Him enough to have me soak it in prayer for months and then suddenly revealing to me this possibility after He had reminded me of His promise to the community (through multiple rainbows through the past 5+ years)!

many people i wanna meet, to talk about future things. may God lead me and guide me, so that i may do the most with the little time i have!


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