bravery / calvary

Last night at intercessors’ meeting, my Filipino sister prayed for me such a long prayer. Amongst the things she prayed for me, i remember best–i made conscious effort to memorise it by muttering it under my breath–that she prayed over me that i’d be brave and courageous, and that my heart will be strengthened.

I know not what lies ahead, okay i do have inklings that tougher times will come, but i know too that these things, bravery, courage and strength, is for the every-day. My heart fails very so often, but calvary always saves me. My knight is like that, He never fails.

“I, come alive in intercession.”
-because it’s truly when i lay down my life to pray for the things that may not matter to me in this world, but matter to the King of Kings, to my Lover, and so to pray for the things that matter to Him is the greatest privilege, and so very humbling. And it’s liberating, to not have any focus on self. There is freedom, at its finest!

I’d dreamt of a lost connection with a friend two nights back, and last night at the intercessors’ meet Pastor James shared that God is going to restore lost connections. No prize for guessing who popped into my mind/heart first. I am afraid (carnally) yet excited (spiritually). I have no idea how it is going to come to pass yet, but that’s the best part about serving in the Kingdom. Because every time a miracle happens, we know it’s really not about us and what we do, but all about God. His secret ways who can fathom?

I’d been having a headache the entire day, and at the start of the meeting i asked God to take it away and replace the headache with His presence. The headache got worse.

9:20pm : i lifted my hands to pray for my father’s best friend who’s been plagued with illness. All those around me laid hands on me and prayed for me, and i told God to channel these prayers and blessings to him who will receive it! I petitioned for him for a minute without pain, and then petitioned for it to be an hour of peace and without pain. On my way home at 10+, i was walking with God and i asked Him to remove the headache when the deal was done, and after 10:20pm, my head was clear. Praise the Lord!


This week, i’m spending 5 out of 7 days in church. I pray that my heart will be strong and brave, and pray that all this commitment and the joy from it will overflow, and work something in my parents’ hearts also. Again, i don’t know how, but i know that He is the King of miracles and all the how’s (house).

This morning when talking to my sister about my many days in church this week, she said, now i know why it is so important for the entire household to serve the Lord together, and for couples to be equally yoked (else divorce is sure to happen if one serves the Lord fervently, and the other just wants to possess the person!). O Lord, we hang on to You in faith: that one day we can proclaim: “Me and my household, we will serve the Lord!”


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