13 weeks

anticipation; expectation –

I’ve learnt through the past 5 years of being a Christian, that whenever my plans are thwarted, He is in control, He’d show up, and things would turn out better and more beautiful than I could ever imagine. This faith gives me courage to laugh with an assurance that He is going to do great things. And it raises my bar of expectation, and I walk each day looking forward to what He has in mind for me. The world often says, the higher your expectations, the greater your disappointments. But this depends on what your faith and expectation is built upon. Mine is on solid rock, an unmovable Son of Man. 

We have to choose and bid for our design studio platforms and modules before every semester. This semester I had chosen to take up Bahasa Indonesia (for mission purposes), and had wanted to take another module. Decided to take Science of Music together with Tze Yu, which greatly increased our time together -> quantity leads to quality. For Thursday studio I had wanted very much to do a studio under Hans. Placed the highest bid possible (60 points) and received it by God’s grace. For Tuesday studio, I had wanted to do critical design under Paul, but thank God He is God and has the full picture in His sight. He planted me in 8 inc studio instead which benefited me tremendously, and beyond that, it expanded my evangelism territory as well! Praise the Lord. 


favour –

The Lord has also granted me favour. His hand was upon me. Less striving, more of Him. It had been a rather crazy semester of sorts if you’d look at the amount of commitments I had.

The start of the semester was IFG season, which meant a couple of my weekends were spent in school running sports events, with some weekdays on necessary admin matters. There were spontaneous issues that I had to learn to deal with, and at the end of it all I can only say that God has been good, and His hand lifted me out of deep waters. 

Also, this was the first semester during which I was teaching tuition also. 3 days a week is no easy feat. Thank God for understanding seniors (Kiera and Afzal) whom I worked with who were able to accommodate my schedule. I think it had also pushed me to maximise the efficiency of the little time I had for my projects, for example, “ok we’ll only have two hours for discussion, what’re we going to achieve?”, “come prepared”, if not, “let’s make the best out of the two hours”, “how’re we going to proceed from here?” 

Handling Chloe was not easy. There were good days, but there also were bad days. It was hard to handle her emotions in addition to the stress and high opportunity cost for those 1.5 hours (+ >1h of travelling to and fro). Time and time again, I had to remind myself why I was doing this. Some days money came into the picture (realistically), but above all, I know that this tuition was a divine assignment, so much so it even came into consideration for my student exchange programme decision making process. But half a year later, I know that my efforts in the Lord Jesus have not been in vain. The fruits are slowly but surely growing and developing, not just in Chloe, but in the mama also, and surely the entire family! Thank you Jesus.

Volunteered to be studio representative for Hans studio, cos I know I’d be able to do a good job. Found crazy favour which threatened to give me more workload (by mistake) like SDE ambassador etc but thank God they aren’t mine to keep. Teehee, yet another proof that He is sovereign. Thank God for Hans also, for helping me out. “Since the nomination was based on class rep, then i think we should let A**** do it.” Phew! This experience of being studio rep has also helped me to learn to be on top of the game, really put into practice what daddy has been telling me all my life, that you have to make sure your own work is taken care of before you help others. It pushed me to work on my work in advance and be prepared so that it frees me up to handle studio stuff just before class.

The Lord also helped me advance a breakthrough in relationships: Kiera, Karyn, Stephanie, Tzeyu, Sylvia. Thank you Lord, please continue the work that You’ve started and continue to ground our lives and relationships on You! Amen. 



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