The God who goes before:

In the past week, I’ve discovered that my top operating gift of the season is that of the Prophet, followed by that of the Apostle and the Evangelist. I was slightly surprised by Shu Yan’s response — “Yes, that is very obvious.” — because I don’t understand how people can tell. I am just who I am. I guess that is also why it is so beautiful because it speaks of how God has crafted me, even long before Time.

I picked up Hosting the Presence once again this morning, wondering why I had even left it in the first place (haha, I guess He has His perfect timing). I am learning a lot, and am even more convicted that I have so much more to grow in to develop that tender heart of awareness and adoration toward the Dove that is in me, so that I may learn to partner with Him so much more and release greater Presence wherever I am.

Another thing that marvels me is the memory of the moment when I thanked Pastor Hong Teck and Mag for the precious gift on day 2 / 3 of the Greater Conference earlier in May this year. I had been surprised in a very pleasant way by the choice of gift that he had gifted, and even more surprised later when he said, “It’s very you, isn’t it?” To which I replied in surprise, “No, no, it’s very God!”

Coupled with the book Prophecy and Perspectives that Yung had given me before the conference, I guess now it all makes sense. Perhaps I am indeed in this season of growing in the gift from God. I have great expectations of how God is going to use what He has placed in me to advance His Kingdom. But of course, even more dear to me would be the greater intimacy with Him that would surely come, as I become more attuned to His voice and works.


Yesterday I started my fast and prayer for water baptism in October. I also am considering joining the Intercession Ministry in hopes that the tool would be sharpened and my sensitivity toward the Holy Spirit would also greatly increase. I asked, and He answered me with Genesis 45:27 (and context).

Does God want me to go for the prophetic training?
Genesis 45:27

-We faint, because we do not believe; David himself had fainted if he had not believed. Psalm 27:13 “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

-Weak and tender spirits are influenced more by fear than hope, and are more apt to receive impressions that are discouraging than those that are encouraging.

-Those that would be content with less degrees of comfort are best prepared for greater.

-It is good for us all to make death familiar to us, and to speak of it as near, that we may think how little we have to do before we die, that we may do it with all our might, and may enjoy our comforts as those that must quickly die, and leave them.

This is what I felt the Lord is trying to tell me: 1. believe in Him, and what He can do, regardless of situations; 2. be strengthened in spirit, and stand firm in faith; 3. though it might be physically exhausting to handle one more assignment in addition to the design work that I have to do, it is training for greater things, and the God of Strength would be by my side; 4. this I am not sure, I wrote it down as a reminder for myself.

Yes, so with this assurance, I shall go forth. The Lord of my youth who has brought me through all of ‘A’ Level trials and my first two years in design school is the same God whose forte is in leveling the mountains of Impossibilities and making them paths of Possibilities in Him and through Him. Amen.


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