He shines after coming as the torrents.

Thank You Abba Father for Your providence through this weekend. It hadn’t been easy… But You proved Yourself holy and worthy.

Yesterday You poured down but dried the ground and let the sun shine through waves of dark clouds, thus the Handball Men event could go on successfully. Today You tested my faith and made it rain. On and on it rained. The pressure was on me to make decisions that matter to all who were playing, yet You are gracious. You enabled me to take bold steps of faith to declare Your goodness over the courts, and there You met me. Thank You Jesus, I praise Your name!

Thank You for assuring me with the piece of blue sky, that pushed the dark away. Thank You for showing up. Thank You for making known to all that my faith is not unfounded. My faith is based on the One who was, who is, and who is to come. My faith is based on the same God who showed up when Joshua prayed for the sun to stand still (Joshua 10). My faith is based on the One who loves me.

So the sun shone on us, drying the ground completely, and the games went on after a 2-hour delay. Some complain, some grouch the sun’s wrath. But Lord Jesus, I give thanks and I give You praise.

I thank You, too, for understanding and cooperative players who went beyond themselves to help us dry the courts and waited through all confusion. A million things could have gone wrong, but You right all wrongs. Your love covers all.

Now I have to face the brutal reality that Afzal and I have not touched any thing for 8inc studio this weekend (his cousin’s wedding), and we are the first to go on Tuesday. Idea pitch. Renders. Concepts.

Erm Lord, please show up. I’m dead meat if You don’t.

I thank You in advance, Jehovah Jireh, my Lord who provides.


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