i just came back from a walk to a friend’s place. i brought nothing but what i had to pass to her, and my footsteps were as soft as the raindrops that were falling on my umbrella.

it’s great to be able to leave work behind and just rest. i always find that i am most refreshed in spirit after a slow intentional walk with my Best Friend.

what a privilege, to have Sabbath, because of God’s goodness! there is no strive, no stress, because His power is greater than my power.

i think i’m ready for the work i have to do, ready for week 4.

“Even Jim’s academic pursuits came second to his spiritual development. At the end of the first semester of his sophomore year, he had to admit to his parents that his grades were, as he expected, lower than the previous semester. But he made no apology. He knew he had let his academic studies suffer in favor of studying the Bible more. In his mind, he was not working toward a B.A. but a degree of A.U.G., ‘approved unto God.’”


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