7th September 2011

I’d once thought the design was a high-class endeavour that only the rich and talented, beautiful people could do. But I had understood it in a warped manner.

Since the start of my design education (which is actually the lead up to university application when I was first exposed to this field called industrial design), I have realised that design is an integral part of our everyday lives and everything we do has ties with design. This realisation was my entry ticket to what I’m doing now.

And I have not looked back since.

As opposed to studying and understanding what people think and do as in arts and social sciences, it is even more interesting to study and understand and craft the interaction between people and objects, and also the interactions among people that is only possible, or is enhanced, by objects and design. Chloe once told me, ‘You haven’t been a very science person, and neither were you a very arts person. You were also not a very people person. So perhaps you are an object-person!” in retrospection, perhaps God was using Chloe to reveal a part of me that I never knew existed.

But it’s strange how I never seem to fit in anywhere. When I was in a science class, I felt out. When I was in an arts class, I felt out. Now that I am in a design class, I still feel out many times. Perhaps that is no surprise. Design itself is such a broad field, with so many possibilities! And I am looking at design and whatever I’m learning now as a tool to improve lives. I believe that’s what God has called me to do as well; to help people through design. Emily Pilloton is thus a great luminary for me as she showed me what design can be.


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