It’s been a very good six weeks at school, full of personal breakthroughs and victories. I attribute this to God’s love and might in me that has enabled me to do all that I’d done.

The one and only resolution that I made at the start of the year was to “Work at everything I have to do with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, as though working for the Lord and not for man (because my reward is in heaven).” Now, during this lull ( : a temporary interval of quiet or lack of activity), it’s a good time to take stock, give thanks, and move on with some sort of plans. 

First, God is a great and mighty and gracious God. I’d prayed that I will find my sweet spot in design work where striving ceases, and where I can do my best and the rest will just fall in place neatly. And in these 6 weeks of school, I think I’m getting there. The content of my various modules link and interconnect with each other nicely, and I feel at ease, am able to contribute and help my friends, and I hear my friends feedback to me that I am good at many of the things that I’ve been doing. All glory to You, really! Hallelujah!  What would I be without you?

Second, so many opportunities have popped out to serve in various measures. Hope tots, Hope Centre Tuition (which I was unable to give up on), and Grimshaw Equation Exhibition! Such amazing privileges. And amazingly, I’ve been able to cope thus far. I know it’ll only get harder from here on, but c’mon, with Christ in the vessel I can smile at the storm, and I’ll surely be able to overcome! 

The challenge then, for the next half of the semester, is to continue to persevere on doing what’s right, and to keep at doing one thing at a time, and to overcome temptations to be lazy. Yes, this semester shall be the best sem yet. And oh how i pray that harvest will pour! 


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