Recently i’ve been feeling more responsible and more like an adult… Perhaps it’s because i’d been preparing myself for my soontobe 21st psyche, and choosing to be mature and objective about certain things. I think it also counts that my parents have gone to Malaysia for the longest time ever in our lives: 6 days away. So i am left in charge of the household while they are away…

Last night Min asked me if i had anything to do while i was watching kdrama. I said yes, but then asked her why she asked. She replied that her uniform needs to be ironed, so i ironed it for her, since i figured that i wouldn’t be able to work on my grasshopper definition while watching the drama. I was pleasantly surprised at my decision last night. In the past, i might have ignored her and then she’d be angry at me. Haha

Earlier just now, i called Nanfang aunty/Ahlong uncle to ask if the operation went well. Such gestures of love and concern i’ve listened to and watched my parents perform over and over again while i was growing up. They’re the ones who’d call and ask after their friends and family, or just to chat about life. Now i’m learning to do the same while they are not here.

I’d been thinking during this cny season, what’d happen if my parents weren’t around anymore? What’d i have to do? So i’d been observing them and mimicking their ways. The ones worth learning of course. There are some qualities that are not worthy of following, and sometimes i find them in my genes, so i’ve to be careful and allow God to prune those away.

Obviously this post isn’t too coherent, apologies for that, and pardon me for i’m having a slight headache and i am just writing whatever flows. I need to learn to be better at organising my thoughts and ideas and my presentation of them. But till then, be patient with my rambling.

Got to run now, continue my journey to novena where Min is now so we can visit nanfang aunty together later. I love my sister.


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