Last night i walked into my parents’room and talked. Like the old times. I felt like a child again. Well that sentence doesn’t even make sense because i am still their child, but you know, we are a forgetful collective; often forgetting even the most important things…

Projected realities from the past into the future collide with current realities. A collision of realities; confusion. Perhaps t’was the reason for my continual bafflement in school. Always amazed at how my past sem would only be gone through by my juniors at the same time in the next year… Perhaps i am really confused big-time by the cross junctions of time in the academic school year: the start is the start of an end, the end is the start of a start.

I think i am confusing you.

Sublimation: the transition of a substance from its solid state to its gaseous form. The process, like the outcome of the process, is unseen. The solid disappeared, has lost, yet it is not. It has risen to a higher order; it is us who do not perceive it.


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