I was thinking. In the shower. Reflecting on all the couples i’ve seen at the bookstore that have left impressions on me. And i think. I think. Of the million and one things i’d like my husband to be. To be fun, to have a sense of humour. To know me so well he’d know when to loosen me up, to be patient. To be godly. To follow the Spirit’s lead so closely. To lead. To lead well. To … … …

And then i thought. What if he doesn’t? What if he isn’t all i imagine him to be? What if … … Surely he is human and surely he’d fail. Some time some how some where along the journey. Then what exactly do i need the most?

If i am complete as a woman, not in need of a man, because i am wholly satisfied by God, then what would i need in a man, except for a companion? A true companion, who would walk with me all our days on the narrow path, along streams of living waters. An encourager who’d cheer me on when i feel like quitting the race. A man, also wholly filled by God, and who is responsible for His own walk with God; without fear but so much faith to conquer all of life’s challenges, one at a time. One who is a refuge of peace and comfort (not in the sense of materiality) and love.

To be a companion worthy of such a companion’s love, i must too build myself up.


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