[3rd March 2011, 7.03am] It’s a beautiful morning. I managed to catch the 0653 bus, leaving me more time for preparation before the day of lessons begin… Dear Lord, you are the sovereign one in my life. Take control from me this day, and help me to love people/kids with Your love. In Jesus’ name, amen.

[30th March 2011, 12.59am] Take God’s power. Appropriate it. And let it become the strength in every area of your life.

[9th April 2011, 11.08am] Major key/ minor key; major/ minor: A B C

[17th April 2011, 10.33pm] A question from Grace has prompted me to think about my personal April goals. Above all the fun things that i want to do, i want to first set some things right in my life. 1. Prepare well for my days in advance. ie getting enough sleep the night before so that i would not wake up late/be late for events. 2. Set aside time for regular exercise. Swim/run/cycle. 3. Intentionally reflect deeply about things. 4. Seek God more: Matthew 7:7. Ask and keep asking, seek and keep seeking. 5. <done> ecp w Grace again on 17th. 6. Chairs for soul: contribute 50 to lg fund 7. Singapore Biennale 8. Rio!

[19th April 2011, 1.02am] I cannot control how my kids/ppl around me behave,  but i can control how i react to them

[11th November 2012, 9.19am] We as believers have the responsibility to represent God properly to the rest of the world. How do you represent God to the world? // God promised to restore Israel not only physically but spiritually. To accomplish this, God will give them a new heart for following him and put his spirit within them to transform and empower them to do his will. New covenant was promised , ultimately to be fulfilled by Christ. No matter how impure your life is right now, God offers you a fresh start. You can have your sins washed away, receive a new heart for God, and have his spirit within you if you accept God’s promise. Why try to patch up your old life when you can have a new one?

[16th November 2012, 12.54pm] God has not called me to be successful. He has called me to be faithful. -Mother Theresa

[20th November 2012, 6.08pm] Can i dig a hole and just be buried and died?

[23rd November 2012, 1.32pm] This December, create an 8tracks playlist, jog at scenic nature places, meet people, do portfolio, learn to render

[25th November 2012, 11.52pm] I cannot project what my future could be to the level of maturity that i am at right now. Push forth for greater things, and expect.

[26th November 2012, 7.31pm] There’s more to life than looking pretty.

[30th November 2012, 2.24pm] Changi airport bus seats

[1st December 2012, 5.44pm] Jesus: how can you see me in the big things if you don’t see me in the little things? Wow!



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