Been uninspired of late.

Perhaps I’m becoming too private to air my thoughts and reflections on a public site / Perhaps I no longer know how to make public my private muses.

Anyhow, I shall attempt to write an update. My class has been deliberating over our choices for the Student Exchange Programme. I checked out the available list of schools, and was only highly interested in the Polytechnic of Milan. They seem to offer modules that match what I am interested in doing over the long haul. On my list as well were schools in the United States and Canada, mostly more for the literary environment rather than established design programmes. Their design studio images intrigue me also, so I wouldn’t mind if I go there too. Okay granted I wouldn’t mind any of my five choices. I just want to get away, experience life that is unlike whatever I’ve been living till now.

I haven’t consulted my parents though. I disdain the look and tone of disdain that mum gave me since the last time I tested water, and I had an argument with dad two nights ago and I am still in the process of healing (emotionally). I don’t really desire to seek their opinion frankly. I just want to go. Get a loan, sponsorship, scholarship if I can, whatever. Sigh. I don’t even know if God wants me to go. My prayer has been, I would rather not go if You wouldn’t be there with me.


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