This morning I spoke to the Lord, and reaffirmed His character and His goodness in my life, thus lifting my faith. I think He knows –– He must know –– that it is hard for me too… But He is in this with me all the way. Yes, all the way, all the time, even though I do not see clearly the paths before me. He sees, He knows where He’s leading me, and He carries me through when I cannot make it on my own (which is pretty much all they time; ok can).

I have the flowers on the trees beneath my block as visual reminders. The last time they blossomed was during the lead up to the ‘A’ levels period; and the flowers blossomed throughout and accompanied me through the hard times. God saw me through; He was true. And this season, possibly the next hardest season, would witness the same of God. That He is good, and He is true, and He would never let me go.



Then the veil fell from my eyes, and I could see more clearly once more. The spiritual veil and the physical one. Both. All I could see was the storm and the whirl wind, but now all I see is Him and Him who is greater than any other human power and greater than any storm. Hallelujah!

Image(picture by Chloe, who shared it with us some time ago)


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