He is good, He is faithful, He loves me

Months ago, my leaders at Hopetots approached Yanming and I, asking us to consider rising up to be life group leaders of the little ones in the ministry. There were many things to ponder, our youth, our current commitments then, our studies etc. So consider I did, and mulled over it for long, talked to my shepherd, prayed…

I finally responded on 20th May, after the Supernatural Church Conference at my church. “Hi Sherry, I am willing to take up the role of overseer of the little ones. My shepherd and I think that I should assume this role after I have moved on to the tertiary group though…”

That night, during Kairos time, God challenged me to trust Him as I do His work. I want to take this step of faith. I know that as I position myself to do His work challenges will come, opposition will come, but above and beyond that God is greater! And He will make a way! So, I don’t want my circumstances to limit God’s work. I want to disciple these precious children and teach them in God’s way.

Amen. In all things, God works for the good of those who love him. God will increase you as your faith increase. We are made to be supernatural because we have a supernatural God. Thanks for your heart and passion in the little ones. Thank God for you.

There was a prophetic word for the children in our church earlier that night, which undeniably propelled me to respond as I did. Pastor John Jack’s wife, Monette, shared from the scripture about God’s call to Samuel, and shared that God wants the church to share with our children our passion for God. If we love God, we need to model it and show the children the same. And we need to expect God to speak to the little ones. She said specifically that God will speak to those below 5/6 years old. We need to expect that to happen, and we need to train our children up in the way of the Lord, teaching them to expect God to speak to them as well!

That was 20th May 2012. Fast forward to 14th July 2012: I’ve transferred to the tertiary ministry, and yet have still not heard from my leaders about my prior response to rise up. There was impatience in my spirit, wondering when exactly it will come. Fast forward more, to 10th September 2012: I’ve been confirmed as a leader of three young ones who are aged two or below. What a privilege!

I’d been reflecting, and realised that God had probably been testing my obedience to Him. Haha. Instead of granting an immediate leadership, He sovereignly held back and made me wait. He knew that I was willing. And knowing that God is sovereign over all (writing this post has aided the process), I know that He will continue to guide me, grow me, and bring me through this exhilarating journey! God does not forget His promises. He is faithful and true. And He loves me. He knew that I would not have been able to lead the rvjc lg in this semester any longer. He knew my timetable way ahead of me. He had greater things in store for me!

I’ve 24 Modular Credits to clear this semester, a role as Sports Director in the faculty club, a role as an overseer and intercessor for young ones, and a volunteer tuition teacher to bless primary one students; feats impossible!

But, with such goodness, faithfulness and love in the character of my Abba Father, what can stand against the advancement of this ministry through my life?

I must remember that I cannot do this without His Spirit Empowerment, and so I must always go to Him for refreshment and never (never!) allow my heart to harden and forget all that He has done for me in my life. It is not me, but His Grace in my life.

At the end of the day, all glory goes back to Him.



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