hof des lichts (court of light)

I’d been dreaming…


I was looking at a little girl. She reminded me of me, a younger me. There was a reflection of current me also. (Sometimes I wonder if the ‘me’s I dream of really look like the real me; maybe I looked like another… I think I looked prettier…) So anyhow, in the dream I was observing, and reflecting, and conversing. There was a friend with me I think… The dream was a blur because I haven’t been able to make much sense of it before I was aroused from my slumber on the sofa. That was the morning of 5th September, a Wednesday. I opened my eyes, and in a state of semi-consciousness, I opened the Joseph Prince devotional and glanced:

Can you imagine a young child growing up and always wondering in his heart, “Am I pleasing to Daddy? Am I pleasing to Mummy? Do Daddy and Mummy accept me?”… (You can see the full devotion here.)

I went back into slumber because of fatigue, ended up missing film art tutorial (which was a pity), but I never dreamt what happened in that dream again…


I was hiding; my heart was racing; I was in fear. Sister was afraid, she did not know what was going to happen. But I knew; I had been there before. I do not know why, how, nor when; but I’d been there. I knew despite my fear that Father would come by, he’d check on me. I was bathing, in a grand open bathroom with a white bath robe. I knew that later Sister and I would run, for life. But not before xxxxx happened. There was a woman too. We would run past dead animals, big animals that Father had killed. Were the beasts dangerous? Were we running from them? Or were we running from Father?

It was strange, so strange, because in my dream I knew I’d been there before… It was as if I was doing a second take of the same film, from a brand new perspective. Everything changes. There was fear.


I still cannot make full sense of what I have been dreaming… Perhaps the film “Psycho” that we watched in class earlier this week has had a lasting subconscious effect on me… Perhaps I am supposed to understand something deeper… Perhaps it was just a nightmare…

Perhaps time and events would shed more light on these, helping me to understand…


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