“I love you very much,” she said longingly, as her eyes peered over her shoulders still hoping that I would go along with her. It was such an emotional moment… I could not respond adequately to this love declaration, but mutter a quiet ‘thank you’.

I was sorry when she asked me if I’ll be home tomorrow for dinner and I said no (because Thursday is life group night). I wanted to say, I’ll come home for you, but no. My non-negotiables remain non-negotiable, though she too is one. I can only pray for her to one day come to know this God whom I place all my hope and trust.

God, bless this beloved daughter. Grow her strong, and one day she will learn to love others as I love her, and love as You love her.

I can’t wait to see her the next time I can come home for dinner, before she has to leave for her parents’ home again.


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