I walked, embarked on the journey from Textile Centre to the National Library, so that I could have lunch on-the-go before starting on my work. I bought instant mashed potatoes and a curry puff from a 7-eleven outlet, and continued walking, eating as I walked.

A little before the pretty quaint Victoria Bar along the outside of Bugis Junction, I noticed this girl looking at me. I gave it little heed, thinking her to be yet another passerby. Yet, the next moment she came up to me, asking to be friends. She was doing it as part of a course training’s exercise, in which she had to get out and make friends on the streets for half an hour. I was her fourth friend. ‘Janelle’ is her name. 

She asked to exchange contacts, which I consented to, for she seemed friendly and of good-nature and pretty genuine. I was prompted by the Spirit to then ask her to church. 

“My church is having a Painkiller service next Saturday. Would you be free to come? It will be from 5 to 7.”

She gave it some thought, and asked for more information.

I hope she comes.


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