divine interception

Today i kept bumping into people whom i know coincidentally. I actually don’t really believe it’s coincidence, but for lack of better synonym we’ll make do. At lunch while in the queue for fishball kuehtiao with Elyn, I saw smalleyes jingjie a few spaces before me. And in front of him, Joel Jermyn and Simin. The world is mad small. So I had a little chat with jj while the vendor took their own sweet time… Later on the way back to eat, I saw Yijie and found out that he was Tzeyu’s sec schl classmate!

Later after working in the studio, I headed out to meet Grace (finally) together with Nora who was going to meet her friend too. At the bus stop, I saw Zander (and gf), and later at Clementi station, Hilda (from Hope y-west), then later at the mrt platform, Wenwei (lg)! Mad ride thus far huh!

Over sushi with Grace — so glad to meet her! — we mentioned about Jiamin and her boyfriend, and guess what? Later when we were on the way to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream, we bumped into them at 313!!! It was mad!

Over ice cream, Grace asked me whether my bf would have to be Christian. I am thankful that she asks good questions that help lead me to share deeper; thank God too for the divine presence and hand in it. I said yes i’d prefer so, but the Holy Spirit prompted me to go deeper into what God really says about not yoking with unbelievers. So I explained to her about oxen, the yoke and sharing burden, and about equal baseline/ideology (theology). Really thankful for such a blessed heart as Grace’s that is receptive and ready to listen and accept the reasons behind the decisions etc. Later, she even remarked that sometimes she is afraid that her parents would catch her trying to read the Bible. I then took the opportunity to share the Bible app with her! I hope she’ll download it and ask more questions so that she may be drawn closer to God and His truths and love!

God I entrust her into Your hands!


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