Tonight I was watching “桃姐: A Simple Life” with my parents. It is a very good film, with essential parts to tell the story. Anyway, I was just watching it because mama excitedly bought it back for cheap from KL, and if mama is excited, it must be good. I was later rather pleasantly surprised that there was Christianity involved in the film because I wasn’t expecting it. I hope it continued to sow some seeds in my parents’ hearts! 

Later I was just thinking… and the conversation with Ivan (17th July) came to mind again (okay it pops in ever so often, but still). Towards the end of our conversation, he suddenly said: 

    • i sense that you are very faithful to the Lord

    • i was just asking the lord la

    • and i also sense him telling me that, you should not be discouraged by the small obstacles that come ur way

    • and hold fast to him

    • He loves you alot

    • and he know that you love your family alot

    • hahaha ok thats all

Somehow that ‘hahaha ok thats all’ makes it seem even more authoritative, as if he too did not know what was happening but just had to say the above things. I know that God had a hand in it, because obviously Ivan and I haven’t been in contact prior to this, and we do not know each other’s lives. So for him to say that God knows I love my family a lot is a BIG thing. Surely inspired by the Spirit. 

Anyway, I bring that up because with tonight’s incident and last Thursday’s episode (mama asked me a Christian related question out of the blue over lunch from a book that she’d been reading) and also a prayer that was made during a corporate prayer meet a few months ago (that the Lord will draw people to Him), I believe that GOD IS MOVING. IN A BIGGER WAY THAN I CAN EVER IMAGINE!

The prophecies are coming to pass!!! The Lord’s love and ways, who can fathom?

All I know is that His Love covers all, and He really loves my parents more than I do and more than I think He does, and He is drawing them to Him. 

Hello God, let me partner you by praying!!! 


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