in the quiet,

Earlier in the day at RAG,

Carmie: I kinda like doing this (sewing intently, with nice music from 8tracks in the background).

Andrew: Yeah, could do this all day.

Carmie: No need to talk, just sew.


O.K., I do not know for certainty who said which line (or were they made up by me?), but you get the point. I’ve added one more reason to be thankful for being part of SDE with the AKI/ID people especially and some of the RE/PFM peeps: There is no need to talk all the time.

There is comfortable silence which is so rare.

I hate it when some of the noisy raggers come in and disturb the peace. And then the peace in my heart and the initial equilibrium gets shaken too. Sigh, I really hate it.

But I must not forget that I was once like that, and still am at times. I must never forget to show grace. I must remember to respect people. Saw this on Great Minds Quote:

“Always treat people with respect.” – Ted Smart

I am still learning. So difficult though, especially with people who are unlike me.


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