in transit,

Yesterday was my first official service at the tertiary service. But though I was technically in transit, I think God has helped me to prepare my heart well for this season of change over the past few months. Thus, there is no disjoint or friction, for I’m on a journey and this is just a mere phase.

I am excited, for God has great plans for me. I know He does.

The past three and a half years serving in the youth ministry ever since I joined Hope Church Singapore as a young Christian had been an exhilarating journey. I have always been in leadership positions ever since they’d become available to me at kindergarten but I’d never derived so much joy in helping people grow. The Love that my eyes have been opened to has transformed my life so so much!

Anyway, the (supernatural) chat I had with Ivan Ng on Monday night reminded me that God must have a greater plan and purpose for me in Industrial Design that I have to seek and discover! Ever since last Monday I have been thinking about it and praying that God will show me and bring me to places.

I was thus very blessed when yesterday’s sermon by visiting pastor Kay Hiramine was about Church on the Go, bringing godly ethics into the marketplace and keys to making a difference in this world. I was tremendously blessed by his candid sharing and I learnt a lot from his spirit and life stories.

He also had a couple of words from the Lord for our church. One of it was for healing of the heart for certain brokenness left by physical fathers. I was not sure if it was me because I was not currently hurting. I prayed in my seat anyway. Haha. While praying (I’m sure it was not just for this prayer point, but praying in general), I felt a pressure on the fore of my head, as if someone was assuring me, praying over me. I was unsure, but I was moved.

Later, there was a call for people who are thinking about setting up businesses and need the Lord’s guidance etc… I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up my own design studio (I’m really toying because I lack experience and expertise and knowledge to have plans yet), but I was hesitant to go down. I questioned, “Are You sure? Am I sure?” But then the stage ministers said something like, By responding to this call it is a sign of surrender. Surrender of your plans to the Lord. That got me there. Who am I to not yield to the Lord in surrender? So down I went.

Remember I talked about the feeling of a hand being laid on my head? While we were all praying at the altar, there was suddenly a hand on my head. A similar kind of reassuring press on my head! I opened my eyes to sneak a peek and wow, it was Pastor Kay Hiramine’s anointing over me. It was so cool for me, as if God had assuringly told me twice: My Child, I am with You.

So this morning, when my dad was going about all the negative things that I haven’t done well instead of focusing on his love for me again, when I felt hurt and broken and wanted to retaliate in fierce defense again, I heard the Father’s loving voice for me. “My Child, I love you. I love you. I love you.”

And that was enough. :’)

Thank You Abba Father! I know I don’t need to fight for myself, for You will fight for me. Who can stand against You?

I am still on a journey and I am enjoying it. It may not always go my way, but I know He is in full control.

I will follow You.


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