Hello, there are some things that i have to write to remember and to learn.

Right after my last exam for the terribly long and arduous semester last Thursday (aha exactly a week), i gave studio clean-up a miss (woohoo!) and rushed to singapore expo to collect the marathon race packs for both Zixin and myself. After which i met Sandy for dessert at Fika before prawn mee lunch. Nice to catch up with her and just hang a little tgt 🙂 oh yeah i chanced upon Kaiting at tiongbahru mrt while on the way to meet Sandy and then later while waiting for Sandy i chanced upon Jiamin. Haha met two choir seniors within hours!

After parting ways with Sandy, i went to bras basah to get coloured feathers from artfriend for the children’s camp the following day. I want to do some craft this holiday but i don’t know what to do ~ anyway so after i was done with that, i decided to go to Tecman bookstore to see if they are hiring. Filled up a form, answered some questions and was due to start work the following Monday.

Children’s camp on Friday and Saturday was great! Had…


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